I have never been so busy

Just when I think I am feeling better, my cold/chest infection returned.  This time it was definitely worse too.  I felt horrific while at the rugby this past Saturday.  I have taken every type of medicine I can think of and it doesn’t seem to want to shift.  Hopefully it will be gone soon, because it’s really starting to bug me!

Edinburgh on Saturday was great for the final 6 nations match of 2017 and in a way I’m a bit gutted that it is all over.  Scotland had a pretty good campaign in my eyes and the season pass that the Scottish Rugby Union offer is a brilliant idea.  I would recommend it to anyone who enjoys rugby and to those who aren’t sure.  It is well worth the money and a great way of securing some great entertainment at one of the best stadiums in the world.  Well it is in my opinion!


A contact lens check was also needed this week to make sure I am not damaging my eyes with them and luckily I am not.  So I’ve got the all clear to wear them for another year which is good news because I don’t particularly like wearing glasses.  In fact when I first got glasses I never wore them for the first 6 months despite them massively improving my sight.  I have always been conscious of how things look and I guess I didn’t like how glasses looked for whatever reason.  The big problem for me is that I wear my contacts for extended periods of time and I have been using them for about 6 and half years now.  It’s important to give your eyes a break from them and a chance to breathe I guess, which means I have to wear my glasses from time to time if I want to prolong the time I can keep wearing contacts.  In all honesty laser eye surgery is a more appealing idea now although the downside is that it wears off in time. I’ll see, it’s a bit pricey for me just now but I’m thinking about having it done more than ever.   How did I just ramble on for so long about getting my eyes checked?

The weather seems to be on the up and that definitely helps get me out running and cycling.  As much as we have just entered spring I am already looking forward to summer and all of the things that I have happening then.  I can safely say this is going to be one of the busiest summers I have ever had!

I like being busy though and always having things to do.  It keeps me on my toes and keeps me thinking, something that I didn’t really do for a long time.  I am not in any way a morning person but I find getting up much easier if I have something planned for the day.  My diary just keeps getting fuller and fuller and it is exciting knowing there is so much coming up in the near future.  The one downside is that it makes planning things a lot harder because I have less time to fit things in.  But I am doing my best to make it work and fit in everything that I would like to do.

I really do hope that you feel these blogs are worthwhile and that you gain something each week from them.  This is my 22nd instalment in it and in a months time I will have been doing it for half a year which boggles my mind a bit!  Everything has happened so fast and I am super happy with how things are going.  I am in the process of getting details for all of the local county secondary schools so that I can make contact with them about doing a talk similar to the one that I did at Brechin High School a few weeks back.  Fingers crossed they are all happy to get on board and all give me some time to speak to their pupils about what I am doing.  I find speaking to people really enjoyable and I like being able to convey my thoughts on cancer, on fundraising and moving from education into work.  I know that I am still young but I feel that I had to mature very quickly once I left school and I have gained a lot of experience that others maybe don’t.  I think it is important to share those experiences and help the next generations and hopefully in a way inspire them to do good in this world.  Some of them will not be interested in what I have to say and I am fine with that.  But if just a couple take on board my positive message and are willing to back my fundraising and Cancer Research UK then I think it is definitely a worthwhile project.

Next week is busy again, I am back in Portlethen for training with the UKISAR team as well as a few days of planning for events during this summer.  I can see a few days of sitting behind my laptop trying to put the detail down for events like the North Coast 500.  My local Boys Brigade company (the company I used be a member of) have intimated that they would like to help me with my fundraising, probably in the form of a bike ride so I am looking forward to organising something with them.  I popped in to visit them last Friday and I can genuinely say in the 6 years since I left it really hasn’t changed a lot.  The staff are as keen as ever to help put on the best evenings and events for their members which is extremely good to see.  They helped me out immensely as I grew up and in a lot of ways taught me things that I now apply in my everyday life and at work.

I am certain now that growing up isn’t just about getting excellent grades.  They help of course but developing yourself into a well rounded individual is just as important in my eyes.  Life skills are just as important as A’s – trust me.

This week saw another horrific act of terrorism on the streets of London leading to the deaths of a number of people and the injury of many more.  On that day a police officer by the name of Keith Palmer was killed whilst he served the public.  In the emergency service community it hits a particular nerve in that everyday we go to work there is no guarantee that we will make it home.  There is no situation worse than losing a colleague in the line of duty.  My thoughts are with all those involved, but especially the family and colleagues of PC Keith Palmer.

“We can not solve our problems with the same level of thinking that created them” – Albert Einstein

Thank you as always for your continued support.



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