A busy month ahead

World Cancer Day was on Saturday past (4/2/17) and I spent the day in Edinburgh for the RBS 6 nations match between Scotland and Ireland.  I was quite surprised with how well Scotland performed and I was super happy that they managed to get the win!  The atmosphere inside BT Murrayfield was incredible and it looks set to be a really interesting 6 nations tournament.  Scotland have definitely made significant improvements in a positive direction and as someone who has experienced a huge amount of heartbreak inside that stadium it is good to see the team performing as well as we all know they can!

With it being World Cancer Day I made sure I was wearing my ‘Unity Band’ to show support for those who have had to deal with the disease.  All those who I know that have been effected by the disease were firmly in my thoughts throughout the day.  We are slowly making some progress with the fundraising and starting to manage to get the word out to some more people which is always encouraging.  I am in this for the long haul however and I never thought that the money would be raised overnight.  It is taking time just as I thought but progress is progress and we are definitely moving in the right direction towards achieving this goal.  Folk still say I am crazy but I am getting pretty used to that now!  However;

“The ones who are crazy enough to think that they can change the world, are the ones that do”

Last Sunday was Superbowl 51 between the New England Patriots and the Atlanta Falcons and I am sure to a lot of you that doesn’t mean much.  But for me it was a pretty big deal.  I have been a New England Patriots fan for my entire life and for them to be in the Superbowl was pretty exciting.  You may have heard about it in the news, but I really couldn’t quite believe the outcome of the game never mind how it played out.  If I am totally honest I gave up when the Atlanta Falcons went 28-3 up.  I genuinely couldn’t see how my team could get back into the game and avoid a complete whitewash.  Having now watched the entire match after discovering the somewhat remarkable result in the morning I am confident it has to be one of the greatest comebacks in all of sport.  New England won the game in overtime having tied the game up at 28-28 with under a minute left on the clock.  It showed the importance of never giving up on a goal or dream even when everything seems against you.  New England never gave up despite being so far behind and engineered the most amazing 4th quarter I have ever seen.  I can understand all of this will mean absolutely nothing if you don’t follow American Football, but I would recommend that you watch the highlights at the very least.  It really was an extremely special display of the sport.

I have been looking at my calendar and I have realised that the next month or so is going to be extremely busy indeed.  We are heading into the final stretch before the Inverness Half Marathon now and I now know that their will be 2 of my colleagues running with me.  Next Friday (the 17th) I fly out to Madrid for a week to see my sister (taking full advantage of free accommodation!), the day after I get back I have an ISAR training day and then the day after is the next 6 nations match at BT Murrayfield betweens Scotland and Wales.  I think that could be an absolute cracker of a game!    The day after that I will be back to work again, 2 weeks before Inverness.  Hopefully I will be able to see a lot of Madrid since I am going to have to keep running while I am there, it should be a good way to explore the city!  I generally have a fairly good sense of direction so I will hopefully not get lost.  If all else fails I have a sister who speaks fluent Spanish so I should never really get into too many problems.  Albeit her sense of direction is virtually non existent!  I’ll stick to the map and she can translate for me – I think that’s quite a good deal in my opinion.

I have noticed that the speed of my typing has increased since I started writing this blog, although I guess practice makes perfect.  I never considered myself to be an overly slow typer but I am confident that I have improved at it.  Mainly the fact that I can now touch type which helps speed up the process.  I still spend a good while each week on this blog but that is mainly due to thinking about what I will write about.  The physical production of it takes a lot less time now than it did when I first started writing these a whole 4 months ago.

In a lot of ways I really can’t believe that a whole four months have past since I decided to start writing this blog.  The time really has flown by however I have enjoyed every minute of it so far.  At the time I really did need a new challenge in my life and this is living up to the expectation I had of it.  In all honesty if I had set a ‘normal’ target then I probably would have already hit it.  Trying to raise £1 million brings with it its own unique set of challenges and I am discovering them one by one as I go.  But that is what I really wanted; a challenge, so I am by no means complaining.

“The dictionary is the only place that success comes before work.  Hard work is the price we must pay for success.  I think you can accomplish anything if you’re willing to pay the price” – Vince Lombardi

Thank you all as ever, the support really is fantastic!




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